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Release of our New Reservation & Billing Screen

A New Reservation and Billing screen has been added to Easy Innkeeping. You can access these screens by clicking on the Reservation icon at the top, and in the left pane. This new reservation screen is only for testing and gathering feedback. You can make new reservations and share your feedback by clicking on the top right corner of the new reservation & billing screen. 

You can refer to this help documentation - New Reservation & Billing Help Document


UPDATE to all OTA Clients - Effective from  17th June 2021

There is an update in sending the rates and availability of all the OTA. Earlier, you will be sending the rates and availability from Setup >> OTA Tab >> and then the Booking.Com Settings, Expedia Settings, and Channel Manager Settings. Now you can send it from one page under Setup >> OTA Tab >> OTA Connectivity. 

You can refer to this help documentation - How To Push Rates & Availability